Saturday Night Church?

I choose the title “Saturday Night Church” because unlike 90% of church goers that go to church on Sunday mornings, my family goes to church on Saturday night. The message tonight was about rebooting the church. One of the points the Pastor brought up was giving financially to the church. He had two main points for giving: what you are giving for, what the church has done for you. He said that you should pay for the experience of the spiritual and emotions increases you have gained through the church. He also explained all the missions the offering goes too.

After the service my brother and I talked about those points. He disagreed with the pastors notions of spending his hard earned cash on new campus’s around the state. He said he should decide where his money goes, or the church should choose to be content with their 3 campus’s already.

In reaction to his thoughts, I explained that if we are Christians we have faith in god. Just like we have faith in god that he has a plan for us, we should have faith in him that if we give money in his name he will put it where it needs to go. The money you give in gods name is not your responsibility after you give it. It is in the hands of those who are also children of god. God has a plan for every part of us. Our financials are still given from god and he has a plan for those as well. I learned a valuable lesson tonight and I hope I helped shed light on donating to the church.


Power of Broke by Daymond John-REVIEW

Power of Broke by Daymond John was a simply amazing book. I knew a little bit about Daymond John from NBC’s series, “Shark Tank.” I knew he was a self made billionaire, but I had no clue of what he went through to become what he is today. The book was more than just John’s story. He provided great advice for young aspiring entrepreneurs. He showed through stories that you do not need the ideal “resources” to start. He provided details of how he started out and ways in today’s business climate to surmount to something bigger. This book motivated its readers and personally left me with the motivation to keep my goals in check.

Personally this book really motivated me being a college business student. Someday I want to start my own business and seeing the details John outlined really made it seem even more possible. He showed how a everyday guy against the odds with $40 in capital made a billion dollar company. I feel than anyone in the field of business or wanting to get a hold of their finances should read this book.

My personal one sentence quote for this book is… “The best time to start is not ideal, it is now.”

The Alchemist-Paulo Coelho REVIEW

Out of all the books I have read, I have chosen to review The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho first. This book is by far my most favorite book I have ever read. I would give it a 5 out of 5 MUST READ! Throughout the duration of the book, I found it easy to read. The story of the main character’s conflict with life was inspiring. I saw myself relating his journey to my journey through life. I saw the main characters point of view very clearly through the word choice and emotion of the author. I saw how the main character was taught through different people in his life by observing. He was taught also by a wise king and an alchemist. Both of these mentors helped the main character see his fortune in life. They taught him how not to be complacent and if you want something bad enough and take action towards that goal the world will help you achieve it. Through each chapter there was a lesson to be learned. The lesson was not obvious but was thought through by comparing what happened to your own life.

I am going to compare this book to myself committing to a change in my own life.

I saw in my life how being a college student, I can be complacent with where I am. I have goals of what I want to accomplish in life. I see that every class I take is a challenge just like the main characters challenges in his journey towards his treasure. I look at every class as challenge and try to not just get an A, but to do the best I can possible be. I see what I want to be and will let nothing bring me down. I keep my eyes open to my classmates and ask about their study habits. I have talked to students with bad habits and good habits. I try to mock their good habits and apply them to mine. I am always open to change just like the main characters journey to becoming an alchemist.

I feel like this book has opened my eyes to stay motivated and always keep your goals in check. My one sentence that I refer to this book is…..

“You might have to travel all over the world to gain knowledge just to come back home and see it with a different vantage point.”