Cure: A Journey Into the Science of Mind Over Body Review

“Cure: A Journey Into the Science of Mind,” was an interesting book. Reading this book, I kept thinking about event in my life where I reacted to something because of psychology. This book really helped me understand people a higher level. The better I can understand people the better relationships I can have. This book was backed by a lot of research and science. I really enjoyed to see that side of the discussion. Some of the studies they referred to I have heard. They relayed these studies in a new interesting way with fresh studies from today.

In conclusion I would recommend this book to any one who wants to learn more about their mind and the minds of others. This will help you in relationships and better understanding yourself.


“This Is Your Brian on Sports” Review

“This Is Your Brian on Sport,” is a super interesting book. If you come from a sports background you will love this book religiously. You will be able to relate so well and be super engaged in every chapter. If you do not come from a sports background, I still feel that you could still relate to the examples. Throughout the book the author showed great writing that was understandable to most age groups.

To anyone who wants to better their live and look at their past with a new view this is the book for you. Looking back on my life, this book has helped me look at my past with another view point. I saw how some of the things of my past have hindered what I have been doing in the future. This book showed me how your past can slow you down and knock you off your track to success at any point. It was truly amazing the feelings that this book stirred up in me. To me this book was a quick read because I got so engaged into it.

My quote from this book would be as followed, “Do not cover your past, understand it.”

“The Productivity Project” review

“The Productivity Project” by Chris Bailey, was an accelerating and eye-opening book. I loved this book for one main reason, Bailey gave up a life that society would view as highly valuable to live his dream. By turning down a lucrative job he took a year to experience with productivity methods. It was amazing to see his transition and the gains he made in his physical and emotional health. The story was more than that though. He dream was unselfish. He did his productivity project for you and me. By saying that I would say that this book is for everyone. Everyone wants more energy and to maximize their day by doing a few things a day and eventually turning them into a habit. I would recommend anyone who is motivated to win in life to read and study this book.

By being a college student this book has helped me immensely. I have taken some of the ideas in this book and applied them to my life. I can see myself different amongst all my peers because of the changes I have made in my life. My one warning towards this book, is that it will change you for the better and that might mean you need to remove baggage in your life.

“You are who you surround yourself with.”

The Defencsive Generation

Through this post I am going to write about my own generation and a single interaction that has compelled me to post this article.

As I was working desk at a residence hall at my college institution, I addressed policy of an act that was prohibited. I will refrain from specification due to the affirmation of keeping my job. After addressing these group of college freshmen about the policy, I was verbally attacked. It was as if the problem at hand was turned at me because of the stern tone I was using. That the act they committed was unimportant because I told them that they could not do it. They used phrases like, “Who are you? You aren’t my dad.” Since when does a person in authority have to be a parent to tell someone they did something wrong? Growing up if a stranger told me not to do something no matter if I agreed or not, I was raised to say “Yes sir,” and move on with my life. I do not understand the notions behind a certain group of my generation to be defensive when they are in the wrong doing. Fess up to your mistake and go on in life. Going through life becoming defensive at every turn will turn into chaos. It has came apparent to me that it is easier for me to keep my mouth shut and avoid addressing policy due to the disrespect that has came with doing my job. Just because it is easier to not do your job does not mean I will refrain from doing so. The motivation behind doing my job is negative due to my own generations values for others. I do understand that college freshmen are not fully thinking adults yet but it is time to grow up and treat others with respect. It’s okay to be told, “You can’t do that” it is part of life. “Get through it.” I guess millennials know all.