“Love That Boy” by Ron Fournier

“Love That Boy” by Ron Fournier was an interesting book about fatherhood. Not being a Dad yet this made me think about how I was raised. My Dad always pushed me to the best at everything I did and I’m glad he did. This book goes over how to father without discouraging your kid. Great lessons to learn. READ IT.



“Makers and Takers” by Peter Schweizer

“Makers and Takers” by¬†Peter Schweizer was a very right sided book with some good examples why conservatives have a all around better life. Being a conservative, I even thought this book was very biased to say the least. I understand where he was coming from but some of the examples were very off the wall. Other than that it was a very interesting book to read and I¬†recommend anyone to read this book to see the conservative perspective.

“The Field Guide to Sports Metaphors” Josh Chetwynd

“The Field Guide to Sports Metaphors” by Josh Chetwynd was a very factual and interesting book. When reading it, I knew most of the terms but did not know the history behind it. It is amazing to hear the history behind a simple term that is used every day in a particular sport. If you are a sports junkie like me you will love this book. It is a great book to read while you are using the restroom and need to kill time!