Superforecasting was a great book if you are a nerd like me. I really enjoyed the facts and procedures behind today’s’ statistics compared to the past. It is definitely eye-opening and it will give you something to bring up when talking to people at parties.


Visioneering, Revised and Updated Edition

Visioneering, Revised and Updated Edition was an amazing self-assessment book that got you start to discover what you really want and how to make a plan on how to go about achieving it. I really enjoyed this book because it got me to think about what success I want.

Weapons of Math Destruction

“Weapons of Math Destruction” was a great book with some really interesting facts inside of it. If you want a book to enlighten you and help you rethink our society then this is the book for you. I started reading this book and I realized that it was very relate-able to pretty much everyone.