The Kindness Challenge

“The Kindness Challenge” was a very insightful book that really helped me look at happiness in another light. It made me look at it as my choice everyday to choose to be happy. That every day the only thing between you and happiness is yourself. Keep it simple.


Habit Changers

“Habit Changers” was a very interesting book because I got a lot more out of it then I thought I would get out of it. It has really changed how efficient of a person I am. I have made strives by just taking the lessons in this book and putting them in work in my own life.

Rogue Heroes

“Rogue Heroes” was a great book. I really enjoyed the history in this book. It is something that I can share with my family about how some people have paved our way. I really enjoyed the depth of the history as well. The author really dove into the content.