No Fear

“No Fear” was a great book that lets you look at life and realize what to fear and what not to fear. It puts that mindset into a perspective that makes you look at fear from a whole other angle. I really enjoyed this book because it personally helped me out.


The Fix

“The Fix” was a great book that got me thinking about how different nations around the world impact different places. I thought the book kept me entertained and gave me great things to talk about with friends and family. It was a simply amazing book.

Lights Out

“Lights Out” was a very entertaining and eye opening experience for me because I really focused on reading it. I think this book helps everyone look at the world from a different viewpoint. I referred this book to many people because of its possible impact.


Spaceman was a great book about a mans journey to space. I could not put this down because of the way the author was telling the story. The author made it interesting but kept me waiting to see what was gong to happen as well. Overall it was a very great book.

Jesus Over Everything

“Jesus Over Everything” was an amazing book that got me motivated to start living a life like Christ. It puts everything into perspective that will get you on your feet and right with Jesus. It is great to have someone like Clayton Jennings who isn’t afraid to go there.