End of Discussion

“End of Discussion” was a great book that dove into different emerging topics in our world. I thought the book was very challenging and rewarding. It encouraged me to think differently and question other people’s views as well. I would recommend this to anyone.


How to Set a Table

“How to Set a Table” was a fascinating book that incorporated history and easy going instructions. This is a clean book that after read could be placed around the house for decoration as well. I will utilize some of the placement styles it presents throughout the book.


Deal or Duel

“Deal or Duel” was a great board/table game. Once you spend time to get well informed on the rules and know how to win the game it is pretty fun. It is also a great game to learn from as well. There are a lot of facts of important people in our history throughout the game.


The Power of Broke

“The Power of Broke” was a great book that spoke about the challenges of a successful business man today. Through his journey from nothing, this book teaches you how hard work can get you places. I recommend this book for anyone who is reaching for a goal in their life.



Hacking Growth

“Hacking Growth” was an amazing book for anyone in a position that they want to grow at. If you are not in a position to further yourself then you need to read this book as well. It is a very motivational book to get you going on growing more in different areas of your life.


Red Teaming

“Red Teaming” was an amazing book. Being in the business field I think this book put a lot of things into perspective. I recommend this book to anyone who wants their perspective shifted. I am going to share this book with other people wanting their businesses to grow.


Jefferson’s America

“Jefferson’s America” was an amazing book about one of our best U.S. Presidents. It goes through some of the instrumental ideas and actions that he did for our country. I really enjoyed this book because I knew very little about him as a president. I recommend this to anyone.