United States of Jihad

United States of Jihad was a simply amazing book that opened my mind to issues going on in our country today. It is definitely a book that I will loan to my friends. The arguments presented in this book may challenge your own or strengthen your own. That is what I think makes this book so good.

The Power of Meaning

“The Power of Meaning” was a remarkable book that brought insight on how to create a life that matters. Through this book you will learn what impact you want to have on the people around you. This is the type of book that you reread every couple of years to keep your inspiration in check.


Super Genes

“Super Genes” was a great book that brought an amazing amount of information regarding the human genome. Through this book I learned more about my own human body and what exactly makes it up. I recommend this book to anyone who
wants to gain a great deal of knowledge.

The Inkblots

“The Inkblots” was a very intuitive book that explained the history of inkblots. Through this book I got to uncover a lot of information about the human psychology. This was super interesting to me because peoples brains are very complex but at the same time we are all the same.


Talking with God

“Talking with God” was an amazing book that will help you with your relationship with God. Through this book, I learned how to pray more and how to pray with ease. The intuitive information presented on theology is purely simplistic. This is hard to do but this book achieved it.


The Hum of Angels

The Hum of Angels was a great book of faith to read if you want to look at your faith and your life in a different vantage point. It really opened up my eyes to how angels have came in my life and I had no clue that they were probably angels. This book really gets you thinking.


Seven-Mile Miracle

“Seven-Mile Miracle” was a great book about extending your faith. It shows how when your faith increases you can do more things through your faith because you trust in God. This story is about a journey. This journey would not be possible if it was not for faith.


32 Yolks

32 Yolks was a great book that me more into cooking. I tried some of the recipes and I was very impressed with how they turned out. I felt that I really could learn how to actually cook with this book. In conclusion, I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in cooking.

No Fear

“No Fear” was a great book that lets you look at life and realize what to fear and what not to fear. It puts that mindset into a perspective that makes you look at fear from a whole other angle. I really enjoyed this book because it personally helped me out.


The Fix

“The Fix” was a great book that got me thinking about how different nations around the world impact different places. I thought the book kept me entertained and gave me great things to talk about with friends and family. It was a simply amazing book.