Our Man In Charleston

“Our Man In Charleston” was a great book to read and be interested and informed at the same time. I learned a lot about American History that I did not already know. I felt that I knew a lot about American history but after reading this book it goes so far in depth I learned a lot.


Chase the Lion

“Chase the Lion” was an amazing book. It really made me motivated to start killing it on the daily. I loved the cover of the book because it just looked so intimidating. That is how life is sometimes though. It can be very intimidating and have no place to go. This book gives you the motivation to pursue your goals.

Pure Delicious!

“Pure Delicious” was a great cook book! I cooked 4 meals from this book and the recipes were very easy to follow. This book is for everyone who wants to make unique snacks or meals. I found most of the meals not very enticing to me personally. Other people will find other meals that work for them though.